An Easier Way to Fundraise
We help start-ups become investable

Admittedly, raising capital is a time-consuming, nerve-racking experience for start-ups and scale-ups alike. And the COVID-crisis makes it even harder. So we have to work smarter and more agile to secure funding. Luckily, Maiyak has the solutions making your fundraising so much simpler!

Unwrap the mystery of fundraising with our digital tools, templates, canvases, and guided videos.

Maiyak is a digital platform simplifying fundraising

Do not waste your time on trial-and-error tactics when fundraising. Instead, use our digital templates, canvases, and video guides to create a professional investment case in an attractive package. This will significantly increase your chances of getting funded and save plenty of your time.

The Maiyak Platform provides matchmaking with your target investors and helps you develop a capital strategy. Gathering an eminent group of investors and raising the right type of capital is a solid foundation for long-term value creation.

Our mission is to democratize
the private capital markets

Our reason to exist is to disrupt the market for SME-funding and make it more liquid and transparent. Therefore, our goal is to make Maiyak the leading platform for SMEs raising capital. Maiyak was built by a team with vast experience from both sides of the private capital markets; angel investors, VCs, brokers and investment bankers; but also, fund-seeking start-ups. That puts Maiyak in a unique position to be the game changer which the private capital market so badly needs.

Get started
in no time
Managing your own fundraising campaign saves you significant amounts of time compared to involving an external broker, which can take months before the campaign launch even starts. With Maiyak you can launch your fundraising campaign the very same day.
The fundraising option for Start-ups & Scale-ups
Maiyak’s fundraising platform is tailored for the needs of small businesses at different development stages.
Raise funds
with equity, debt, or hybrid
Maiyak supports the use of different forms of equity and debt instruments; including issuing new shares or borrowing money from investors in different shapes and structures (e.g. term loan, mini-bond, mezzanine), or through convertibles.
How does it work?
The path to successful fundraising
in 4 steps:
a Company Profile
Follow the simple and tailored online questionnaire to create an engaging and standout Company Profile. This is your own shop window, showcasing your team, business, and market with text, charts, pictures, and videos. The Company Profile is the starting point of your fundraising.
Develop an attractive
funding case
Issue new equity or debt? Or perhaps blend your funding for optimized capital structure? We can help structuring your next funding round to make it more attractive for target investors.
funding round
Current shareholders, employees, business partners and other members of your network can be offered the exclusive opportunity to invest. Your dedicated Deal Room makes this process easier and more transparent for all parties involved.
funding round
If your funding target is not reached via the internal funding round you can also reach out for new, external investors, e.g. financial institutions, enterprises, family offices, wealth managers, angel lists, and the crowd. Maiyak helps you connect with target investors.
Why raise funds
with us?
Shorter lead-time from need of cash to money on account.
More efficient!
Connect with the investors most suitable to your capital strategy, at every stage of your development.
Lower cost!
A trial-and-error approach to fundraising costs time and money, and lost momentum. Moreover, financial advisors and brokers are surprisingly expensive.
Fund your business!

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