Invest wiser in SMEs

Maiyak makes investing in Start-ups so much easier and more transparent for the investor; regardless if you are an institutional investor or a private individual. With Maiyak, you will easily find, assess and compare investment opportunities from a large amount of private companies - in different industries, company sizes and development stages, etc. In short, Maiyak helps you to scout the investment opportunity that suits your goals.

Why should you care?

Often, investors want to put their money in disruptive technology which one day may change an entirely industry or invest in an impact-company that can contribute to a better world. Perhaps you also want to be part of an enterprise that brings excitement and prides you? Or are you looking for an investment that can bring huge profit? Whichever reasons you have, there is a risk that you will not find the right investment opportunity for your needs, or that the investment will end up bad. And in other cases, perhaps you wouldn’t understand the underlying risks or the deal structure.

Maiyak – the first independent and transparent platform for investments in non-listed companies.

What you get

We intend to solve all the above-mentioned concerns and help you to invest wiser directly into growth companies. Maiyak is an independent, third-party, platform for investments in private (non-listed) companies. We don’t take a cut in the funding of the company, we don’t package the offered deal, or price the investment product. In short, we are not another broker-adviser but a digital collaboration space for SMEs and investors. What is important is to help you find suitable investment opportunities.

FREE for investors

You can simply create your Investor Account in one minute. Maiyak will then matchmake your profile preferences with suitable investment opportunities. When a new matched offer appears, you could be invited to participate in that round./p>

Track new investments
Track new investment opportunities from preferred companies, industries, stage of development, etc. Get notified when interesting investment offers appear.
Review & Compare
Review and assess investment opportunities and compare them with other similar offers.
with your network
Invite people and institutions from your network to review, advice or team-up in an attractive investment offer.
Explore company profiles to find attractive investment opportunities in impact-startups with potential to disturb an industry and make the world a better place.