Frequently Asked Questions

In General

Maiyak is a digital platform, supporting SMEs’ fund raising, and helping investors to identify attractive investment opportunities and vetting their deal flow. In short, we are the collaboration space for SMEs and investors.

FUND SEEKING SMEs: In pursuit of new investors, managing communications with current investors and other financial partners e.g. banks, grantors, accelerators, etc.

Early stage companies: In need of getting the investor pitch right, in a structured and appealing format. And to get introduced to target investors;

Growth companies: To expand their investor base by broadening of the capital sources. Also, to manage their banking relations;

Mature companies: To manage both mixed capital sources and blend different types of funding.

INVESTORS: Private individuals (i.e. High Net Wealth), angel networks, corporate (strategic) investors, and financial institutions. Maiyak helps you to identify attractive investment opportunities, compare and evaluate their offerings and risks involved. And in addition, Maiyak is a great support in building syndicates (or other forms of collaboration) with other investors.

For a fund-seeking company, it’s free of charge to create a structured and attractive funding case in your own dedicated Company Profile at the Maiyak Platform. However, you will be charged for using Maiyak’s investor database with access to >1,000 Nordic investors. And you will also have to pay to get access to our additional services.

For investors, it’s always fully free to find, evaluate and communicate with fundraising companies.

For Fund-Seeking Companies

Fund-seeking companies often encounter three major problems: (i) To be trusted and understood by investors; (ii) how to raise capital and; (iii) how to find right investors. Maiyak can help you solving these problems so your fund-raising can:

Save time:
  • Get your fund-raising case right by Maiyak’s guided help;
  • Get connected with your target investors, including those you don’t know exist;
  • Get insights into your investors’ conversion funnel; starting with data about who visits your Company Profile and what they spend time studying, and who signs in to your Deal Book. That insight will help you be more efficient at your next funding round;
Save money:
  • Using a broker (e.g. crowd-funding platform) or financial adviser is substantially more expensive;
  • Transparent and well-structured information centre (Company Profile) lowers your risk premium;
  • Get help in selecting the financial instrument that suits your e.g. balance sheet/ capital structure, and funding purpose - lowers your cost of capital;

Maiyak is a virtual place where fund-seeking companies and investors meet. By creating a corporate Company Profile, you can share important data with current and future investors, as well as other financial stakeholders (e.g. banks, suppliers, grantors).

  1. The company creates its Company Profile by filling in a tailored questionnaire including questions about the business, team, market, and financial data (to start with). Let’s view your Company Profile as a canvas to be painted in several layers before you can share the clear picture of your company. It obviously takes some time to fill-in all the fields of information – but in the process you will also get a much clearer 360° view of your plans and strategies.
  2. Now you can draft and design your indicative offer to investors (think: Term Sheet) by again using Maiyak’s guided template. We help you to select suitable financial instrument(s), deal terms, and compare (historic) market prices. The purpose is to help you to design a tailored investment offer, taking your needs and situation into account.
  3. Next step is to choose which investors you want to offer participation in this funding round. Are you targeting internal/ current or external/ new investors? Maiyak supports both alternatives. If you go for external investors you can select automatic match-making with Maiyak’s database of >1,000 Nordic investors, as well as placing your offer at the Maiyak start page in order to further attract window shoppers.

Yes we offer companies a freemium subscription including access to your own dedicated Company Profile. This offer has no time limitation. However, for access to premium features, database insight, and matchmaking with target investors - you will have to upgrade to a paid subscription plan. Find which subscription plan that’s best for you here.

Maiyak is a Do-It-Yourself digital platform for SME fundraising. However, every step in the creation of your funding case is guided, in order to be manageable also for non-experts.

Maiyak’s core service is the Company Profile, which is your place for compelling and transparent data sharing with your investor stakeholders. We are the digital collaboration space for SMEs and investors. However, your Company Profile data can also be exported to another funding platform and your commercial bank, at your convenience. Maiyak doesn’t require exclusivity in your funding round. We happily share your fundraising with financial advisers, deal brokers and crowdfunding platforms, to mention a few. The more help you can get spreading the word, the larger chances of success you will have.

Actually, Maiyak can’t fully replace the financial advisor’s or investment bank’s advisory and investor brokerage. They can spend weeks on building your case and supporting the fundraising campaign. But it will come at a fundamentally higher price. Maiyak offers a cost and time efficient complement to your own fundraising efforts.

“Maiyak offers a cost and time efficient complement to your own fund-raising efforts”

Yes! SMEs of all developing stages (pre-seed to mature) benefit from Maiyak. The questionnaire you are supposed to fill in is adjusted in accordance with the development stage of your company. E.g. early stage companies should prioritise questions related to team and vision, while mature companies should focus more on financial data and projections.

No need to worry! Maiyak will help you through the “canvas”, and step by step you’ll get to paint the full picture of your business. Each company development stage has its set of problems to solve. The Company Profile template is built to solve different problems at all stages.

A detailed profile will help you to build a transparent brand and lower your risk premium. Share KPIs, financial projections and market forecasts – to show that you “walk your talk” and that you are a trustworthy industry expert. Investors use this data to evaluate your business and your historic credibility before getting in touch. So, there is no shortcut, you’ll eventually need to paint the full picture.

You decide if you want your Company Profile to be fully open to all stakeholder (e.g. investor) members of Maiyak or if it will be fully private (only open for invited and approved stakeholders). You can also chose to have some sections open to all Maiyak members and other sections - fully private. These options can be managed in your Account settings.

Investors are looking for different investment opportunities in terms of company profile, development stage, financial instruments, and ticket size (to mention a few). However, many want to go on Unicorn hunt, always on the lookout for great return on investment. Investors scout for great ideas, potential, track record and a solid team to execute. One doesn’t go without the other. So make sure you always have current information at your Company Profile.

As a fund-seeking company you can get an automatic match with selected investors, based on (i) their investment profile (e.g. country, ticket size, development stage, industry, financial instrument, impact goals) and, (ii) your preferences for target investors. However, it’s up to you which of these selected investors you would like to invite to your Company Profile. In addition, you can also choose to fully open your Company Profile to all categories of stakeholders/ investors (including private individuals) that fancy popping-by your Room. However, Maiyak will not take responsibility for the conversation between your company and the stakeholders.

You will have access to data on your Company Profile visits. There you can analyse how attractive your pitch and offer is with investors, broken down into key metrics. This insight will allow you to fine-tune your pitch into perfection.

The investment origination will be managed in a direct negotiation between your company and the investor(s). Maiyak will not be able to facilitate the investment or the payment settlement. However, we can provide you with aggregated data of historic funding in the market, which can be valuable to both sides in a negotiation of terms.