Let your investment follow your passion

MAIYAK is your new resource into alternative financial investments, i.e. Nordic private debt and equity. We keep an eye on investment opportunities in segments with great potential, and with focus on innovative companies with disruptive technologies or business models that can create new market opportunities.

In most cases, these Nordic companies are non-rated, with future cash flows that are difficult to predict. Our aim is to empower you with better insight into these types of investment opportunities so that you can act as a business angel.

Access the world of alternative investments

MAIYAK keeps you up-to-date with the latest on alternative investment fund market, i.e. hedge funds, real estate funds, Private equity funds. However, we focus (but not exclusively) on funds that are not listed at the major Nordic trading platforms. Alternative investment funds can provide you with both alpha and portfolio diversification.

Invest in the Future!

When you invest in a small enterprise, you stand up for a shared vision.
Maiyak is all about allowing you to support an small enterprise that you think will break-through!



MAIYAK allows you to:

  • Browse among hundreds of investment opportunities in private, non-listed companies (SME)
  • Match your portfolio with a suitable investment opportunity
  • Manage your risks when investing in non-rated companies (equity or debt)

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