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Fundraising is a relationship business. To founders of private companies, the relationship with investors is statistically longer lasting than the average marriage. Consequently, matching with the right investors is of paramount importance if the business shall be able to flourish in a dynamic and hostile business environment.

How It Started

For small and medium sized companies alike it’s been far too complicated to raise funds. In many cases companies don’t know whom to turn to; especially how to combine cash with an engaged and contributing investor. Running around eating lunches with potential investors, networking at events, pitching at hackatons is very time consuming. Moreover, submitting packages with information and fill in questionnaires to each and every prospect investor, foundation, accelerator and bank - is totally draining the entrepreneur’s energy. But more importantly – it’s not necessary!

In the age of digitalization, including all aspects of social life and building relationship (from Facebook to Tinder), it’s about time to also digitalise companies’ fundraising. And it’s our firm believe that the digital migration will accelerate in the post-covid world.

In 2018 we gathered a group of investment bankers, VCs, business angels, brokers, it-specialists, and start-up founders, and united in a mission to disrupt this huge market inefficiency. Since then, we have focused all our effort on developing the next generation digital platform, making company fundraising just as easy and transparent as it should be.

Our Mission

Our mission is to financially support innovative technology and disruptive business models with the potential to solve global challenges to sustainability. Maiyak contributes by facilitating growth and liquidity to the private capital markets. But we also contribute in disrupting the fundraiser – investor relationship. No more “tail wagging the dog”!

What Is Maiyak?

[Mai-jak] is Russian for lighting house/beacon (in Finnish: Majaka) and illustrates our idea to provide fund-seeking companies with a safe route between the rocky islands, to a safe harbour where investors can finance their next exploring venture.

Maiyak is an independent SaaS platform for investing in small and medium sized (privately held) enterprises. Our digital tools help SMEs to raise capital and provide deal flow and relationship management for investors. We collaborate with major early-stage investors and venture accelerators.

Maiyak’s Founders
Joakim Sjölund
Co-founder and CEO
Joakim has background from senior position in leading Nordic commercial bank. He has long professional experience from helping small and medium companies to fund their business, including analyzing their financial and business potential, structuring various debt instruments and managing portfolios of corporate debt.
Anton Kuleshov
Co-founder and CTO
Anton is a highly qualified IT professional with edge in IT system design. He has more than 20y experience in programming, database development and data analytics.
Maiyak’s Advisory Board
Peder Rotkirch
Peder Rotkirch has a well proven track record from working with digital change management & innovation with several of the world’s most recognised brands such as IKEA, Volvo, SAS, among others.
Björn Persson
Björn is a serial tech entrepreneur with background from UpplysningsCentralen, Telia and corporate law. He is highly skilled in IT-security, data and IP laws, and strategic innovation – and accordingly a great resource to Maiyak’s growth.
Umberto Garabello
Umberto is currently Chief Growth Officer at Hyper Island. Before that, Umberto spent 8 years in London working first as investment banker at Bank of America Merrill Lynch, and then as strategy consultant at Virgin. Umberto contributes with his strategic skill set and solid understanding of capital markets.