There are increasing arguments to invest in cleantech companies – companies that are building a greener, lower-emissions future – as climate change is an ever important consideration in the investment decision of retail investors. However, many of these companies are still start-ups, and in many cases even with a product still in development. So in most cases, larger bank loans is not an option.

Despite historic high risk and low returns across the sector, retail investors want to support those companies already at an early stage, and Crowdfunding offers them a way to engage with cleantech, even though they are may not be customers. And for the these innovative start-ups, crowdfunding offers a way of raising capital from investors – individually, and as part of a green movement.

The more people investing in cleantech, the better are the chances of solving the problems they are tackling.

Find out more in this piece from Money Observer.

Photo by Motah on Unsplash.


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