More and more investment management companies talk loudly about their social impact commitment. And there are an increasing number of ESG (environmental, social and governance) compliant investment products offered in the market. Some say that is just a way to attract millennials.

It is true that the millenials are the cohort which is most difficult to convince to start investing. But according to a recent YouGov poll, those aged 35 and older are at least as likely to want investments that have a positive impact as the millennials (aged between 25-34). As a matter of fact, the poll suggests there is little generational difference when it comes to wanting investments with a positive impact.

However, the YouGov survey did show a key divide between men’s and women’s attitudes to impact investing. Among men, 31% of respondents said that they would invest only based on the return, without reference to social impact. In contrast, only 13% of women answered the same.

Reference: Money Observer


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