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Maiyak helps growth companies getting prepared and introduced to their target investors, grantors and accelerators, as well as increasing their chance to get bank loans. By utilising the Maiyak funding platform you can manage your fundraising much more efficiently and reach out to investors you didn’t even know exist.
Posting your funding round at Maiyak allows you to combine different sources of capital into the same round - Venture capital, family office, business angels and even wealthy individuals. And you can launch different funding rounds simultaneously to various investors.
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Christoffer Nilsson
CEO and co-founder of Cross Sign, Sweden
"For Cross Sign as a tech startup, Maiyak has been very beneficial for us.
We’ve worked very closely together and they are very caring about their clients. Not only have we received help within their core services of investor matching, but they’ve also challenged us in our product offering making it more appealing to both investors and customers"
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We are challenging the traditional finance industry. Join us in the making of a new financial playground for startups!
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